Fall ’21 Roster

Coach Sam Farrar

Olive Ajilore1’22OH
Stephanie Strike2’23S/RS
Lulu McDonnell3’25S
Kate Mason5’23MH
Brenda Rodriguez6’24OH
Anna Maresca7’22L
Brooke Prouty8’24RS
Emily Maguire9’25MH
Nyla Desamours10’22MH
Sammie Fleetwood11’24OH/RS
Lucy Sroka12’24S
Lily Richardson13’22OH
Grace Maiden14’23MH
Breda Brosey16’22MH
Anna Rainville20’25DS/L
Cate Ross21’24OH

2021 – Spring (rescheduled from Fall 2020)

Coach Sam Farrar

##Player YearPosition
16Breda Brosey’22MH
15Nyla Desamours’22MH
11Sammie Fleetwood’24OH
22Rachel Jacobs’21RS
7Anna Maresca’22DS/L
3Eve McLaury’24DS/L
21Kylie Ordonez’21S/RS
13Lily Richardson’22OH
17Natalia Rodriguez’21S
10Annie Shanley’21OH/MH
14Kelley Strike’21MH
2Stephanie Strike’23S/RS
1Anna Suto’24S

2020 – Fall season canceled due to Covid-19

2020/2021 Seniors

While Covid-19 has had a dramatic impact on our 2020 season, we are still hoping for a 2021 version of our 2020 season. No matter what happens, our 2020 Seniors will be there to make their presence known. Here they are:

Rachel Jacobs

Kylie Ordonez

Natalia Rodriguez

Kelley Strike

Annie Shanley

2019 Roster

Record: 10-18

Head Coach: Sam Farrar

1Erin Kelly2021S
3Lily Richardson2022OH
4Gabbie Melton2021S/L/RS
5Elena Sanchez2020OH
7Anna Maresca2022L/DS
9Charlotte Rodgers2021OH
10Nyla Desamours2022MH/OH
11Samora Finney2022MH
12Cora Thomas2020OH
13Julia Thomas2022MH
14Kelley Strike2021MH
17Natalia Rodriguez2021S
18Rachel Jacobs2021RS
21Kylie Ordonez2021S